Dumet Island

Dumet Island

Only maritime island of Loire-Atlantique ...

Dumet Island is located approximately 6 km from the Piriac coast. Covering an area of ​​8.5 hectares, it is 600 meters long and 150 meters wide.
Enjoying a strategic location at the mouth of the Vilaine, she witnessed many naval battles.
That is why, it shelters today still two military forts: the fort of Ré, of semicircular form and built towards 1756, which served as residence for the old guardians and the square fort, also called "fort à La Vauban "built in 1845 under the direction of Gustave Flaubert.
This islet has a unique feature in the world: it is the "continental pole of the globe", in other words "the center of emerged lands", as can testify the scientific work of Professor Berger.
Abandoned by the military a century ago and by the last two inhabitants in 1986, it has now been owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral since 1994.
Only boaters will have the chance to get close to it but you can still admire it from the coast.

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