The Gulf road

The Gulf road

A discovery of a unique site site ... 

A road to discover a unique site. 20 km long for 15 wide, the Gulf of Morbihan is shallow except in some passes near Port Navalo where the currents pound their way in depths of about 35 meters.
The Gulf of Morbihan opens on the Bay of Quiberon, by a narrow passage between Locmariaquer and Port Navalo; currents by strong tide are of rare force (up to 11 knots at certain narrow passages). The sea that penetrates the Gulf there finds a maze of coves, points, rocks and many islands. The Gulf has more than 40 islands. Fishermen and oyster farmers find a place of predilection. In summer, the many pleasure boats meet the stars of excursions. The penetration of the sea in the land gives the climate an exceptional softness; Gulf residents will often tell you about their "micro climate". This climate also provides migratory birds with a peaceful haven. It also offers vegetation the opportunity to distinguish itself by its originality: hydrangeas of course, but also mimosas alongside magnolia, lavender, cork oaks, camellias and even palm trees.

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