Walk and hike

Walk and hike

The pleasure of hiking at the seaside

The tourist country Baie Rhuys Vilaine offers you to discover the different walking and hiking routes.
Confirmed hikers or Sunday strollers, go for a hike along the lanes and coastal paths to discover authentic landscapes between land and sea.
The details of the circuits are available in the guidebooks that you can find in the tourist offices.
Ambon: "killig ar mor" circuit, 18 km
Arzal: circuit "hillsides of naughty", 14 km
Billiers: circuit "megaliths", 11 km
Guerno: circuit "hospitable", 11 km
Damgan: "Damgan coastline" circuit, 21 km
Muzillac: cicuit "vineyards", 10.5 km
Noyal Muzillac: circuit "3 rivers", 16 km
Péaule: circuit "2 valleys", 22 km
Marzan: circuit "mills", 10 km
La Roche Bernard: circuit "bridges", 5.7 km
Nivillac: circuit "Aubin city" and "folleux", 10 km shortcut 5km
Saint Dolay: "Buttes en Marais" circuit, 10.4 km
The GR 39: This hiking trail 39 joins the Mont Saint Michel in Guérande. Part of the GR crosses the towns of La Roche Bernard and Marzan.
The GR 34: The GR 34 leaves Vitré in Ile Vilaine to end at the Tour du Parc on the peninsula of Rhuys. The Rhuys peninsula closes the southern Gulf of Morbihan, a small sea whose landscapes and lights change with the tides and seasons.
More than a hundred kilometers of paths are cleared for hikers with family or friends. Proposed across 18 routes, the paths are marked out and all easy to navigate.
See at the tourist office. Possibility of outings with a guide, themed outings are proposed.
Photo credits: © Morbihan tourisme - Marc Schaffner

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